(Female private detective since 1983)
seit 1983 ® (e.K.)
Introductory remarks
I have worked as a private detective for more than 25 years, primarily for companies throughout Germany, in cases concerning the investigation of disloyal employees. Suspicious circumstances include a feigned incapacity to work whilst illicitly working elsewhere, or the suspicion that employees working in the field, such as representatives, service technicians etc. have "introduced" the 20 hour week. I furthermore handle a lot of work for insurance companies if there are suspicions that claimants are feigning illness or an inability to work in order to unjustly gain insurance benefits. I am also frequently commissioned by reputable legal practices who want to help their clients bring a court case to a successful conclusion. This often concerns the question of alimony payments if a divorced spouse later enters into a relationship similar to marriage. In a case brought before Koblenz Upper Regional Court (case number 11 WF 70/02), for example, it was not only established that the claim to alimony lapses in such a situation, but also that the ex-spouse concerned is liable to pay the detective costs. I am likewise often asked to identify the residences and work situations of debtors and/or assets able to be seized. I naturally also operate in the private sphere, for example, if spouses or partners are worried that they are being deceived by their wife or husband.
Well-versed observation teams in the Rhine/Ruhr area, although also in almost all other large cities in Germany, ensure that the observations are carried out professionally, discreetly and in a competent manner. Contrary to the common practice of some colleagues in the trade, I do not take on an order and then disappear from view, surfacing again only to present a single concluding report at some undetermined time. It is rather my habit to always prepare daily reports and send these to the client promptly, usually on the following work day. The client is thus kept fully up-to-date and knows the state of the investigations in detail and can decide – possibly in consultation with a lawyer – whether further work is necessary or if the evidence already collected is sufficient. My hourly fees are unusually low. I furthermore dispense with a number of practices common in the trade, such as charging hourly rates for deploying vehicles alongside the mileage charge incurred. A further factor is that my support points in most large German cities enable a local presence and I can therefore operate both quickly and cheaply.
Feigned incapacity to work with a job on the side
A freight forwarder in northern Germany suspected that one of its truck drivers, a trained electrician, was feigning his regular bouts of illness in order to boost his income during this "free time" with a job on the side. My investigators in Hamburg started to observe the man and, even on the first day, were able to watch as the man undertook electrical installation work in a newly constructed building. In consequence, the employer not only sacked the employee with immediate effect; the culprit was furthermore sentenced to pay the costs of my deployment. The Federal Labour Court (FLC), as the highest German instance in such matters, namely ruled in a legal verdict with the case number 8 AZR 5/97 that immediate dismissal without any "ifs & buts" is not only justified in such a situation, but also that the employee must recompense the detective costs. If necessary, a specialist in labour law will be able to provide you with more details. An interesting aside to this verdict is that the FLC declared a day time hourly rate for detective services of DM 85 (EUR 43) to be "reasonable" way back in 1990, thus my current fees may be seen as more than moderate. Please do not hesitate to request a personally tailored offer!
Lazy travelling salesman
A cosmetic firm in southern Germany was unhappy with the poor turnover made by one of their travelling salesmen. It was suspected that he might have introduced the "20 hour week". My investigators in Munich took on the case. What they found was astonishing: the man, who enjoyed a generous fixed salary and a nice company car, first allowed himself time to take a leisurely breakfast on his terrace until 10.00h at the height of summer. He subsequently drove at high speed around the neighbouring motorways with no apparent destination, presumably to crank up the mileage. In the course of this tour, he did actually manage to visit a grand total of 2 perfume outlets before returning home, getting changed and subsequently enjoying himself on a tennis court, despite the considerable heat. Immediate dismissal was the consequence of this case, too, because the salesman had falsely claimed in his travel report to have visited no less than 15 customers on the day in question.
Post-contractual ban on competition
The manager of an incorporated company in Swabia left the firm after serving regular notice and was thus subject to a 24-month ban on competition – which was of course well remunerated. The new managers suspected from the start that their predecessor was directly trying to start up a competitor firm or was at least working on behalf of an existing company. The observations of my investigators in Stuttgart also led to success here. The target was seen to visit not only suppliers, but also potential customers. Subsequent investigations under a suitable alias discovered that he was purporting to be an "authorised representative" of a company which was owned by his son. However, the son studied economics at a university some 500 kilometres distant and certainly did not have the professional expertise required to influence his father's business in any way at all, let alone to manage it.
Insurance fraud
An insurance clerk happened to notice that a letter sent by a claimant per fax had a sender number with a Spanish dialling code in the transmission header. The claimant was allegedly unable to work after a traffic accident and was supposedly only able to move about on crutches. My investigations found that the man owned a small holiday home in Javea on the Costa Blanca. Subsequent observations undertaken there with video documentation proved that it was all a swindle. The man could mow his lawn without difficulty, play ball on the beach and was able to lead a very pleasant life, thanks to the regular payments he received from the insurance company.
Finding people or debtors
An elderly gentlemen, born around 1930, had become a widower, but still dreamt about an old flame from school. He commissioned me to find her, her current residence and to establish her living situation. Although the investigations took a number of weeks, I was able to conclude them at an exceptionally cheap flat-rate fee. The client was overjoyed, although I have to admit that I have no idea whether the story had a happy ending. As an aside, it makes no difference whatsoever whether the person sought in such investigations is thought to be in Hamburg, Berlin or Munich. The confidential sources available to me make it possible to conduct such inquiries cheaply from my desk in Hagen, often surprisingly quickly. The same naturally applies to searches for debtors, establishing employers etc.
Cheating spouse/partner
One may think that such matters are profane. However, someone who suspects that he or she is being deceived is riddled by doubt and needs help, and this is where a professional solution is required. A supposedly reliable tax officer explained to his wife over the course of many years that he regularly went on long walks after work "to clear his head". Yet a single observation of the man after work demonstrated that "walks" had nothing to do with his absence. The man rather bundled a female colleague into his car and drove to nearby woodland. What happened then shall not be divulged here. Suffice to say that the devoted husband ended up with more than just a clear head.
Technical (video) deployment
A bakery chain in Düsseldorf suspected that the saleswoman in one of its shops was pocketing a part of the daily takings. My technician installed 2 concealed cameras above the shop counter, one filming the goods on display, the other superimposed the amount entered in the cash till onto the picture. It became clear in just a couple of days that the saleswoman in question was acting under Cinderella's motto of "the good ones go into the pot, the bad ones go into your crop". The inevitable consequence was immediate dismissal. It may be advisable to seek legal advice on the question of concealed video monitoring; your lawyer will certainly be aware of the verdict passed by the Federal Labour Court (FLC) on 27/03/03 with the case number 2 AZR 51/02, in which the FLC expressly declared such action to be legal.

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